Youtube Yoga videos – Feeling Soul Good Yoga Bali reviews

Feeling Soul Good Yoga Students' feedback - 1st part

Discover why to do a Yoga TTC, why Bali fits magically with this experience and what is being the best so far in this TTC.

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Watch the most interesting Youtube Yoga videos –

Feeling Soul Good Yoga Bali reviews!

Students' feedback - 2nd part -

Discover why Yoga Teacher Training Courses are so transforming experiences and what makes Feeling Soul Good TTC so special.

Meeting Sequoia, Founder of Feeling Soul Good

Sequoia explains what makes this TTC different and gives a short introduction to the transformational and healing power of sound.


Aldara could be described as a professional Yogini, in the sense that she is mastering how to "join" together her passions: Education + Travel + Yoga. She has a wide open heart and mind, always welcoming new projects and collaborative proposals which can help to keep "joining the life dots" of the beautiful Mandala which is this world we live in.
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