Best Yoga Teacher Training Courses (TTC) in Rishikesh

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Rishikesh is considered the birthplace of Yoga, as well as the land of the sages, saints and rishis, which creates a beautiful backdrop to deepen your Yoga practices and skills.

  • When to visit Rishikesh?

October to February:  Winter (19°C to 27°C) is the peak season and ideal for rafting.

March to June: In March you will have the opportunity to experience the famous International Yoga festival. After that it would be less crowded and cheaper, but extremely hot (Even 35°C).

July to September: Monsoon months.

Ojashvi Yoga


Ojashvi is backed by a team of well experienced and qualified professionals with several years of personal practice as well as teaching experience. They have a compassionate approach that makes learning an experience of joy.

Their TTC syllabus is made to fulfil the purpose of developing yourself as teachers containing philosophical and practical aspects of the Yoga subject with emphasis on the Allied sciences. The Curriculum incorporates the traditional yogic teachings with the blend of contemporary needs backed by scientific background.

One of the most outstanding features of Ojhasvi is that their 300h trainees have the opportunity to teach Yoga to the students of RYS 200 Yoga TTC.


Ojashvi Yoga Shala is located amidst the surroundings of the Ashrams in the picturesque location of Himalayan hills on the bank of river Ganges.

They offer modern facilities, wifi, library and audiovisual materials to enhance the effective learning experience of the training course.

The roof-top Wooden Yoga Hall is in the same building of your accommodation which is always open for the students to develop their personal Yoga Sadhana.

They also provide with three times freshly prepared nutritious and delicious vegetarian meals, Ayurveda massages and therapy sessions.

Ojashvi TTC fee includes food, accommodation, tuition and some extracurricular activities on Sundays to explore the tourist attractions in and around Rishikesh such as river rafting, mountain trekking and sightseeing.

Swasti Yoga – Surinder Singh

Surinder Singh is the soul of Swasti Yoga. His humble approach to Yoga, his skillful alignments and his deep philosophical teachings have made him one of the most loved teachers and demanded classes in the whole of Rishikesh.

Yoga TTC Selection

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Parmarth Niketan


Parmarth Niketan is the most popular ashram in Rishikesh which hosts the International Yoga Festival (Each March 1st-7th), which aims to cover the union of all types of yoga from dozens of different lineages, teachers from dozens of countries, participants from 60 countries, and an emphasis on all 8 limbs of yoga (not just asana/pranayama).

Yoga is the ancient art and science to manifest the joy and perfection that you already are!

Among many other activities (like the infamous fire ceremony at ganga banks each sunset), they offer 200-hour Yoga TTC.


In Parmarth TTC you will learn prayers, pranayama, Surya / Chandra Namaskar, traditional hatha yoga, basic asana, in-depth practice of yoga asana, Yoga in the Bhagvad Gita and Paatanjali Yoga Sutras, Teaching Methodology / Teaching Practice and opportunities for self practice to deepen your understanding, discipline and teaching abilities, Vedic Chanting, question / answer sessions, Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Havan [Sacred Fire ceremony] and cultural aspects of Indian Festivals [whichever occurs during the course].

Each day concludes with Ganga Havan and Aarti at sunset and meditation after dinner.

Ayur Yoga School

Experienced Ayurveda doctors (Neetu from Rishikesh and Vinod from Kerala) create an amazing team to show you the similarities and synergies between Ayurveda and Yoga.

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Rishikesh Yog Peeth

Rishikesh Yog Peeth TTC connects western science advances with ancient yoga wisdom, encouraging and supporting self discovery and self expression. It is the best Yoga Teacher Training deal in Rishikesh in terms of quality-price ratio, comfortable campus, longest training period, complimentary activities…

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Anand Prakash Ashram


Akhanda Yoga TTC at Anand Prakash Ashram offers an integral approach intended to give students access to more of the diverse teachings and techniques. This way the aim to make Yoga becomes even more beneficial and helpful for humanity in bringing harmony and balance to our lives, families and to society.

Akhanda means indivisible, unbroken tradition, entire, and whole. Akhanda is also the first word of a very inspiring Vedic mantra, “Akhanda mandala karam” – This Cosmos and the manifest universe is one indivisible entity.


Yogi Vishvketu and Chétana Panwar are the soul of Akhanda Yoga and its non-profit organization, World Conscious Yoga Family. Their intention for Akhanda Yoga is to offer holistic Yoga TTCs and Yoga as a fundamentally experiential, inner inquiry practice, so students are encouraged both to be aware and balance checkpoints, and to explore how the posture feels and manifests in their body.

In particular, Yogi Vishvketu’s teaching is identifiable in its joyful and compassionate nature. During challenging postures, students are encouraged to smile or to find the inner smile, thus making non-competition and contentment true aspects of the practice.

Akhanda Yoga hopes to revive the whole message of Hatha yoga – a Tantric code word for the route to enlightenment through the manipulation of energy pathways in the Pranic body.

Their programs include a balance of teaching, discussion and practice of six traditional paths: Hatha Yoga (techniques in kriya, asana, bandha, pranayama, mudra and meditation), Jnana Yoga (Vedanta philosophy and the concept of Oneness as the essential reality of the universe), Raja/Ashtanga Yoga (Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras: mindfulness, meditation, and the eight-fold path), Mantra Yoga (the use of Vedic mantras for clarity and peace), Bhakti Yoga (keertan chanting, contemplation of devotional aphorisms and the attitude of surrender), and Karma Yoga (discernment of right action, and responsive versus reactive action).

Association for Yoga and Meditation (AYM)

Association for Yoga and Meditation is one of the oldest centers in Rishikesh to learn Yoga Therapy to balance any disorder. His main teacher, Chetan Mahesh is an outstanding Yogi with a wide teaching experience around the world.

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Yoga Vini


Yoga Vini TTC brings a true insight of traditional yoga and it’s culture. Alongside the learning of the Philosophy of Yoga, you will be guided with ease, through the experience of a true Yogic lifestyle.

A complete unique concept of Yoga is provided to our disciples where you will be made to feel, by taking your senses to a condition of awareness, you are immersing yourself completely into the art of Yoga.

Best Yoga TTCs in:

  • Tantra
  • Meditation

Why to do a Yoga TTC in india

In this list you find some centers with the “Yoga TTC Selection” stamp. These are the ones we already had the pleasure to experience first hand and based on their merit, they get the honor to be included in the “Best Yoga TTC selection”

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