Best Yoga Teacher Training Courses (TTC) in Khajuraho

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Khajuraho-Best Yoga-TTC India

Khajuraho is well known in the world for its magnificent and unique carved temples with erotic sculpture depicting Kama Sutra. Its art is a manifestation of the essence of the philosophy of Indian aesthetics.

  • When to visit Khajuraho?

Khajuraho has wide variations in day and night temperatures. Summers are too hot, so winter (September to March) is the best time to visit. Specially in March, when the annual Dance Festival takes place.

Arhanta Center


Arhanta is a traditional Yoga ashram surrounded by hills, forests and seemingly endless fields.

Participants of Arhanta Yoga TTC join the lineage of Swami Sivananda, getting a proper understanding of Yoga & Yogic philosophy and developing discipline and confidence.

This is one of the key aspects of their TTC, the confidence they develop providing 3 hours hands on teaching practice daily. This way each student has a personal attention and guidance to structure and modify a Yoga class.

They have more than 700 graduates, successfully teaching worldwide. They all have lifetime membership to AYA Teachers Registry for continual guidance and mentoring via Skype, telephone and email.

Arhanta offers a well rounded curriculum which includes 170 Hatha Yoga asanas, yogic philosophy and anatomy, expert teaching skills, proper instruction, correction and modification techniques.

Best Yoga TTCs in:

  • Tantra
  • Meditation

Why do a YogaTTC in India

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