Best Yoga Teacher Training Courses (TTC) in Goa

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Goa is one of the biggest tourist destinations in India. Although, the smallest state in the country, Goa stands out for its stunning natural beauty and vibrant culture.

While coconut trees, beaches and parties are the main Goan attraction, you will be also be amazed by its great 17th century Portuguese colony heritage, which left churches and a laid-back vibe to its population.

  • When to visit Goa?

The best months to visit Goa is the peak season (Mid-November to Mid-February) since the weather is pleasantly cool and comfortable. However you should book in advance as the prices go higher.

YogaMea School 

Yogamea Reviews Rishikesh Yog Peeth 6

YogaMea is and an official partner of Rishikesh Yog Peeth, one of the most popular and certified Yoga Schools in India. All their teachers come from Rishikesh Yog Peeth and they follow the same Hatha yoga teacher training syllabus which they to offer to their students for a deep traditional Yoga experience as if they were in the Himalayas.

Yogamea promotes a traditional “back to basics” approach which also includes that all you need to understand is how to modify for all the different abilities and bodies that will often be together in a Yoga class.

A U\unique opportunity to organize your own workshop or teach in YogaMea after your TTC!

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Sushumna Yoga School 


Sushumna Yoga School is the oldest Yoga School in Goa. They particularly encourage students to find their own unique teaching style as the course unfolds.

Shushuma offers practical knowledge of Kundalini, Yoga therapy & Ayurveda, as well as green juice fast days (once a week), 70% raw / living food organic gourmet food.

 “A path on the way to rediscovering that we come from Enlightenment”


One of their special features is that their TTC offers daily Mysore self -practice as taught by Shri K Pattabhi Jois, Mysore, India & Sushumna Vinyasa Flow.

Sushuma TTC comprises 5 key elements:

  • Rigorous development of your own Asana practice, including essentials of Pranayama and Meditation.
  • Comprehensive foundation in Yoga Philosophy.
  • Good grounding in Anatomy and Physiology and its application in the practice of Asana.
  • Teaching expertise including Articulation, Presenting skills and the Art of Adjusting.
  • Essential insights into the Yoga Business and setting up as a Teacher.

-This course is not integrated with drop-in classes or other students not in the training.-

Shiva Shakti Yoga


Shivashaktiyoga is a traditional yoga school whose aim is to spread the divine energy of yoga in its purist traditional form.

With a open heart and gratitude they welcome all yoga seekers. For them, Yoga practice is not only a practice of asana or pranayama but a way of life. . They teach hatha yoga and vinyasa and they concentrate on over all development of the students.

Yoga is the path to discover the connection between individual consciousnesses to the universal consciousness.

Their TTC course is not only for students who want to pursue yoga as a career but also for student who want to take their knowledge and practice of yoga on a different level.


The aim of Shiva Shakti 200h Yoga TTC is to create the best of the student. For this propose, first you get to learn how to be an ideal and sincere yoga student (what are the disciplines, morals and qualities you need to develop as a learner). Then, the day you realize the truth to dedicate yourself to be an ideal student you have also got the teaching spirit, leading ability and spiritual potential to be an ideal yoga teacher.

For them a Yoga teacher must have grace, precious positive presence, insightful inspiring experiential guidance and knowledge that moves to motivate students like a storm.

Shiva Shakti 200h Yoga Teacher Training Course is classified in different categories: Veera Sadhana: (18 to 35 years old), Shakti Sadhana (30 years onwards) Sanjeevani Sadhana (therapeutic yoga) and Atma Sadhana (Advance and intensive course for only the spiritual seekers or practitioners).

Shiva Shakti Yoga School is located in South Goa (Agonda) on the banks of river Saleri which merges in the Arabian Sea just 70m from the school.

Their center provides multicousine restaurant, bike and car rental, Kayaking, free wi-fi and all necessary amenities, with Agonda market just 5 min walking distance.

Yoga Synergy


The founders of Yoga Synergy, Bianca and Simon are truly passionate about training great teachers and improving students’ understanding of what they are doing in both yoga and life. They are both behind the student supporting, in front inspiring, and within, sharing their approach to Yoga.

They run TTCs that strive to maintain very high standard of teaching. They create a balanced integrated bridge between the modern and the ancient, that brings you to the present.

Yoga Synergy is a system and a method that empowers you to empower yourself and empower others. This method, and these teachers are rare in the modern world of Yoga and movement, and have developed something so unique so that Yoga does become relevant and practical for all.


Former Yoga Synergy TTC students highlight their “Yoga and Healthy approach” that can take you through the rest of your life.

They also love the way Simon and Bianca approach each student individually, applying their experience and knowledge as it applies to that specific individual, with grace, love and inspiration to help the students help themselves.

No matter whether you’re newer to yoga or you’ve been a qualified teacher for decades, their course will revive your love of inquiry and deep contemplation in a joyful, peaceful, tropical setting.

Ashtak Yoga


Ashtak Yoga incorporates the ancient and traditional knowledge of Yoga in a modern and practical way. They provide a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course on how to apply this understanding.

They are proud of making their students truly international teachers recognized by UK, US & Australian Yoga Alliance.

They hold TTCs in a studio overlooking the Arabian Sea in Goa, in the Himalayan home of the Dalai Lama, Dharamshala and in India’s spiritual epicentre alongside the Ganges River, Rishikesh.

 Brahmani Yoga


The Brahmani Yoga Teacher Trainings pride themselves on being more than just a quick way to get a certificate.

They take only small groups on all of their programs so that you get individual attention.

Their biggest intention is to train teachers that makes a difference so they provide you with as many skills as possible to give you that confidence.


On the Level 1 Training they offer a daily practice of your skills in a real life classroom with real students, under supervision of senior teachers.

On the Level 2 Teacher Training they help you make sense of all the new information and put it into practice in your own body and for your students.

They also offer Prenatal Training to learn about fetal development, pregnancy and childbirth from an experienced midwife.

Satya Loka

Satya Loka tatra yoga TTC india goa

The Satya Loka Yogini Tantrika Teacher Trainings are designed to offer a unique sacred journey for Women into Yoga, Traditional Tantra and Sacred Dance.

The course is attended for 3 days by authentic Indian master of Tantra and Kundalini to transmit ancient practices of Mantra, Yantra, and Fire Yagna this gives profound development in your own spiritual growth, which supports your empowerment as a teacher.

The Yogic teachings are of a very high standard to ensure you leave feeling confident to share the wisdom of Yoga.

Their Goa training is located in the exquisite venue Samata and the Rishikesh training is hosted in a comfortable ashram by the Holy river Ganges.

They offer a unique course to learn how to teach Hatha Yoga with Tantric Vinyasa based on teachings from Iyengar, Ashtanga and primarily Hatha Yoga.

The Yog Asana and daily activities are taught with a devotional essence that embraces Bhakti Yoga.

This Yogini Tantrika training also offers Sacred Dance and studies the basics of Classical Temple Dance of India & Mudras to offer a unique immersion into feminine practices.

Best Yoga TTCs in:

  • Tantra
  • Meditation


Why do a YogaTTC in India

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