Best Yoga Destinations

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Best Yoga Destinations

Travel is like love, mostly because it’s a heightened state of awareness, in which we are mindful, receptive, undimmed by familiarity and ready to be transformed.”

Pico Iyer


According to Yoga Alliance, the main destinations for certified Full-time Yoga Teacher Training Courses are USA (808 full-time Yoga TTC centers), India (137), Canada (103), Mexico (32), Indonesia (29), Thailand (28), Australia (26), Costa Rica (23) and Spain (20).



Let us take a short flight over each one of them 😉

United States


– Yoga Vogue –

Yoga is becoming more and more popular in the United States.

They have sweetly adopted Yoga in their culture and have blended it with their own personalities.

You can always find two extreme ends of the same coin in the USA. And Yoga is not an exception.

All the yoga styles are available (even some Yoga styles have originated there like Jivamukti or Anusara). You will also find some of the best teachers here, both, from a very traditional perspective and an innovative one, or even a really controversial one (Bikran Yoga).

  • Best Yoga Destinations:

California, Hawaii, Florida, Nueva York, Washington and Colorado are some of the most sought after destinations.

USA Highlights

  • Some of the best teachers in the world.
  • Great variety of courses and styles.

  • Expensive destination.
  • 808 centres can complicate your choice.

Yoga Centers*



*Full-time Yoga Teacher Training centers registred in Yoga Alliance



– Yoga’s birth place –

It seems there is not much left to say after that, right?

Totally wrong! “Incredible India” has way more waiting for you that you can ever expect.

Very soon, we will publish a detailed article about Yoga TTCs in the India sub-continent. Meanwhile, like a teaser, let us share with you, 3 main Yogi Destinations in India:


Rishikesh is a holy city blessed by the powerful Ganges river and the magnificent Himalayan mountains.

It is well-known as the capital of Yoga and is filled with a great number of ashrams and yoga centers.

Since ancient times, it has been home to some of the world’s most influential yogis and the perfect retreat for some of the world’s most creative souls, like The Beatles themselves.



Goa is the smallest state of India. It is blessed with marvelous beaches and sun, peaceful friendly people and splendid churches from it’s Portuguese colony heritage.

Its a dream holiday destination which allows you to understand Indian culture in a safe and pleasant way.

During the season yogis, musicians, dancers and other artists run away from the cold and gather together in this natural and charming paradise.



Same spiritual seekers crew that gather in Goa during winter, move to the breathtaking mountains of Dharamshala when spring arrives.

Dharamshala comes from “Dharma” and “Shālā” and means ‘spiritual dwelling’). It is the home of Dalai Lama and Tibetan culture in exile.

  • Best Yoga Destinations:

Rishikesh, Dharamshala, Goa, Mysore, Kerala…

India Highlights

  • Access to Yoga roots.
  • Chepeast country for a TTC.

  • Destination not easy for travel beginners.
  • Many fake Yoga gurus and centers.

Yoga Centers




Source: jefflombardo 

– Smooth training –

Beautiful and peaceful, surrounded by astonishing nature, Canada is a great environment for Yoga Teacher Training.

It is an easy destination with plenty of access to conveniences and modern technology.

  • Best Yoga Destinations:

Vancuver, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary…

Canada Highlights

  • Moder technology and commodities.
  • Peaceful and natural enviroment.

  • One of the most expensive destinations.

Yoga Centers





– Homey Yoga-

Mexico has all in one country: pleasant weather, unique food, art, archaeology, pyramids, museums, haciendas and modern cities. It has everything, from volcanos to paradisiac islands; from rain jungles to deserts.

But the best thing about Mexico is, without any doubt, the Mexicans. Warm and lovely people, who will make you feel at home from the very first day.

Furthermore, their great antecessors Mayas and Aztecs has left an indelible spiritual print on the hearts of the Mexicans which matches perfect with the Yogi vibe.

  • Best Yoga Destinations:

Mazunte, Oaxaca, Baja Califonia, Mexico DF, Monterrey…

Mexico Highlights

  • Warm and welcoming people.
  • Spirital print.
  • Amazing culture and food.

  • Relaxed standars & regulations.

Yoga Centers


Bali | Indonesia

Best yoga destinations Bali

– A massage for the senses –

We will refer directly to Bali. Away from 3 centers in Java, all registered Yoga TTC Centers are situated in the well-known  “Island of Gods”

Bali welcomes you with an exuberant nature and a profound culture.

With strong Hinduism roots, Balinese are really connected with the Yoga philosophy in their everyday life.

Three times a day, they elaborate beautiful offerings with leaves, flowers, fruits, rice and sweets. This way they express their gratitude to life.

For Balinese people is essential to keep the balance, giving back some of the gifts and beauty they receive every day.

They are also very community oriented and they join together in artistic and meditative activities (playing music, dance, carving and other art works).

This is another way to express their gratitude and union with the amazing nature that surrounds them.

  • Best Yoga Destinations:

The most well-know yoga hub is Ubud, the Balinese  “cultural capital” in th center of the island. However more alternative places start to rise up, like Canggu, Sanur or even the closer Gili islands.

Indonesia Highlights

  • Outstanding nature and sustainabitity culture.
  • Ubud is the paradise on earth for healthy foodies.
  • Close to Hindu and Yoga tradition.
  • Artistic and self expression vibe.
  • Amzing and inexpensive massages.

  • Expensive Yoga compared with Asia average.
  • Moto traffic and pollution.

Yoga Centers



Best Yoga Destinations Thailand

– Buddha Smile

Thailand is just a paradise for smiles, peace and nature seekers. And it is an environment which is perfect for Yoga teachings.

It seems that once you land in Thailand, everything starts to become easier and easier.

The 95% of the population practices Buddhism.

It is possible to spot many cultural aspects that come from Indian traditions and languages. Just pay attention to the endless “Sabaii-Sabaii” (take it easy) that Thai people say with a smile everyday… It doesn’t resonate similar to “Shanti-Shanti”? 😉

  • Best Yoga Destinations:

Koh Phangan if you fancy a paradisiacal island for your Yoga TTC. Chiang Mai if you prefer a mountain retreat with more contact with the local culture.

Thailand Highlights

  • Buddist Peace
  • Easy going people and enviroment.
  • Pleasant weather all year round
  • Oustanding natural places (both mountain and beach)

  • It is getting currupted by massive tourism.

Yoga Centers




– Down Under Yoga –


Australia is from another planet! You can spot this in the extra happiness of the Aussies and their favorite word: Awesome!

Just admiring its surprising subtropical native flora and fauna with make you believe that it is another planet.

Especially, in Byron Bay there are multiple TTCs options to enjoy the luscious sub-tropical rainforest setting.

This clean air, good weather and plenty of open natural places offers the ideal environment for practicing yoga, meditation and pranayama.

Ant it makes a perfect blend with the popular Aussie passion: Surfing!

  • Best Yoga Destinations:

 Queensland, Sidney, Melbourne…

Australia Highlights

  • Awsome happy Aussie vibe.
  • “Another planet” feeling.
  • Moden facilities and technologies.

  • High cost of living.

Yoga Centers


Costa Rica

Best-Yoga-Destinations-costa rica

– Pura vida Yoga! –

Traveling to the majestic Costa Rica will make you feel that the whole country is a retreat resort itself.

Its outstanding lush nature and biodiversity will just amaze you.

Costa Rica is filled with volcanos, waterfalls, paradisiac beaches, surprising animals, luxury eco-lodges and surfing.

“Pura vida!” you will have to exclaim. Beyond the easy translation (“Pure life”) Pura vida represents Costa rican’s relaxed way of life. It symbolizes the idea of “hakuna matata”.

Pura vida means: “Life is beautiful so simply enjoy it and be happy”.

Costa Rica is definitely the place to forget what the word stress means

  • Best Yoga Destinations:

Nosara, Osa Peninsula, Pavones

Costa Rica Highlights

  • “Pura vida” way of living.
  • Greatest biodiversity on earth.
  • Shanti country (first without any army).

  • Yoga courses expensive.
  • Many Costa Rican roads are in terrible shape.

Yoga Centers




–  Reason & Passion Yoga  –

Spain is much more than Fiesta & Siesta.

Spain’s pleasant weather and wide array of natural landscapes provide wonderful destinations for your inner journey.

You can enjoy all the lively and fun vibe of Latin America + the comfort, modern technology and know-how of the European modern society.

  • Best Yoga Destinations:

Best Yoga destinations are in the “always sunny” south coast and in the world famous islands like Ibiza, la isla bonita.

Spain Highlights

  • Great blend of Latino & European.
  • Beautiful isolated natural places.
  • One of the chepest countries in Europe.
  • Mediterranean healthy food

  • Yoga is not so extended yet in Spanish culture.

Yoga Centers


If you were already looking for a Yoga TTC or it is an idea that is starting to seduce you after reading this post, this links may help you:

  •  Which is your favourite Yoga destination?
  • We woul love you to share your “highlights” (Yoga pros and cons of any country) with us!

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