Best SPECIALISED Yoga Teacher Training Courses (TTC) in India

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Tantra can be referred as Sensual Spirituality. Tantra teaches how to use our energy for bringing joy and wholeness to everyday life, and for our spiritual evolution.

Tantra Yoga TTC

Tantra Yoga style includes visualizations, chantings, asanas, and strong breathing practices. As it works with the highly charged Kundalini energy, it is highly advisable to be guided by a teacher.


Satya Loka


The Satya Loka Yogini Tantrika Teacher Trainings are designed to offer a unique sacred journey for Women into Yoga, Traditional Tantra and Sacred Dance.

The course is attended for 3 days by authentic Indian master of Tantra and Kundalini to transmit ancient practices of Mantra, Yantra, and Fire Yagna this gives profound development in your own spiritual growth, which supports your empowerment as a teacher.

The Yogic teachings are of a very high standard to ensure you leave feeling confident to share the wisdom of Yoga.

Their Goa training is located in the exquisite venue Samata and the Rishikesh training is hosted in a comfortable ashram by the Holy river Ganges.

They offer a unique course to learn how to teach Hatha Yoga with Tantric Vinyasa based on teachings from Iyengar, Ashtanga and primarily Hatha Yoga.

The Yog Asana and daily activities are taught with a devotional essence that embraces Bhakti Yoga.

This Yogini Tantrika training also offers Sacred Dance and studies the basics of Classical Temple Dance of India & Mudras to offer a unique immersion into feminine practices.

Shri Kali Ashram

Shri-Kali-Ashram Tantra Toga TTC

They explore yoga’s ancient sacred texts and five-thousand-year-old traditions, as well as the psychotherapeutic benefits that develop with a steady practice, and the spiritual power that is set free when energy flows throughout the heart, body, and mind.

The program produces strong, confident and knowledgable teachers that are able to go out into the world and use their creativity and practices to be activists and advocates for living a compassionate life.

The key fact that makes Shri Kali Ashram unique is their Guru trained by his Mataji in South India and who has over 40 years teaching experience. Shri Kali long-term students have studied under him for 5-25 years.

Sri Kali Ashram can make a lasting difference on their students’ lives to walk out of fear / lack of self-esteem into freedom.

For this propose they use a unique system of Tantra Yoga that incorporates asanas, pranayama, bandhas, and meditation in each session. These classes are accompanied by evening lectures tailor-made by the Guru to meet the needs of students in the modern world using the traditional knowledge base as well as modern psychology, sociology, and history.

One of the pillars of their successful system is that students are encouraged not to intellectualize but rather experience first-hand and then integrate it into their everyday lives.

For them, training a yoga teacher means the culturing of a wholesome person with an integrated understanding of the entire Indian science of Tantra, Yoga, Shastra, Puja, and Meditation.

Students find in Shri Ashram a deep relaxation away from the anxieties of the stress of modern living, trauma, fragmented thought, and conflicts within their ideologies. They learn a complete system that they can practice for the rest of their lives that is grounded in the Veda, the source of all Indian thought. The prerequisite to advancing in their studies is to read their book, “Divine Initiation” that decodes the Veda.



Shree Mahesh Heritage

Shree-Mahesh-Meditation-Yoga TTC

Shree Mahesh Heritage in not running a proper Yoga TTC but a Meditation teacher training course certified by the Government of India.

They are a specialized school for Meditation in Rishikesh offering Meditation for Beginners (8 days), Meditation Retreat (15 days) and Meditation TTC (28 Days).

Courses also include some site seeing which is always driven through spiritual activity.

Best Yoga TTCs in:

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  • Meditation

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